At the minimum, participants will...


  • Design plastic sheet using SolidWorks
  • Design aluminum joints using SolidWorks
  • Design screw holes where appropriate using SolidWorks
  • Find and customize appropriate machine screw/nut combination for use in assembly of chassis using SolidWorks
  • Mate the whole assembly using SolidWorks
  • Become familiar with the Machine Shop, and know how to safely cut parts (1st floor Boelter?)


  • Put together a Breadboard Arduino, test if it works with help from Computer Science Sub-team
  • Produce a motor controller for stop and go only, using a single MOSFET, on a breadboard
  • Produce 2 H-bridge motor controllers on a breadboard, one for each motor

Computer Science

  • Collect analog input readings from photo-resistors using Arduino
  • Control one motor using input from photo-resistors with Arduino
  • Produce functions that will allow only non-destructive circuit paths for an H-bridge, for moving forward, backward, and stop
  • Produce an algorithm that will make the robot maneuver a line-following robot track with 1 intersection